Utilizing your sketch our experienced team of specialists will create a CAD model allowing you total control while we assist you in bringing your ideas to reality.

Once your CAD design is completed, a photo-realistic rendering will be submitted for your approval. Best Cast will not add a surcharge for revisions so long as the design changes are within original request parameters.

We will collaborate with you on the project until you are satisfied. Once approval is received, the file will be printed on our 3D printers at the highest possible resolution ($85-$120 value).

If you have CAD questions or would like to submit images, photos, or files for quoting, then please email our CAD Department at:


Leveraging the latest technology in additive manufacturing we will produce your prototypes in the shortest time possible at the highest resolution

Unsure as to which machine will suit your product needs, just contact us & a Best Cast Specialist will guide you through the digital manufacturing process.

UPLOAD your file, place your order and a Best Cast specialist will take care of your order to ensure the order is shipped to your door.

If you have Prototyping questions or would like to submit already made 3D CAD files for quoting or as an actual order, then please email our Proto Department at:

File types we typically accept are: .3dm, .stl, .igs, .iges, .stp, .step, .obj, .sldprt



Our precious metals are sourced from non-conflict areas. We use the best available alloys to ensure the highest quality castings.

All castings go through a strict ISO 9001 quality control procedure. All metals are tested with an Olympus X ray machine for carat accuracy.

Best Cast provides a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all of our products. If you are not fully satisfied with our quality, we will re-cast your item or refund your money 100%.



Utilizing state of the art mass finishing technology from Otec, we can provide finishing services or just send us your castings and we will work with you to finish your projects.

Contact a Best Cast specialist today at or call us at 201.225.1750 to inquire about our finishing services.



We are now offering Laser cutting services

Our high resolution laser can perform an array of operations:

  • marking inside the ring
  • multi layer engravings
  • graphic and digital image marking
  • custom messages on jewelry
  • deep laser cutting operations

We can work with your file or provide your own artwork and one of our specialists will coach you through the process to ensure your drawing, image or idea is successfully transferred onto your item.